Know your customer !!

Crikeyes provides worlds best support chat application to provide real time support for your customers. This helps the website owners to build a strong customer support team equipped with the key features like.

  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Hassle free setup process
  • Capture leads and know your returning customers
  • Schedule your support chat
  • Assign moderators to different departments
  • Offline messaging
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  • Step 1

    Create Users

    • Admin’s
    • Support Users
    • Team
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • Others
  • Users can be added to the system based on the user roles. Crikeyes is currently available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone & Android, where the administrator can decide on the platforms where a particular user can login.
  • Step 2

    Manage your Customers

    Website Support, Crikeyes provides a support chat widget where the website owners can add this widget in a very simple and easy manner to your website. Once the widget is added to your website, then your customers can start discussing with you over the website in real time.

  • Manage your Company

    Corporate Chat, Crikeyes provides the best private chat for your company. You can track your employees time sheet, projects, attendance, invoicing, payroll etc using this application.

    Crikeyes even helps freelancers to manage multiple teams & projects by creating a virtual company inside Crikeyes.

  • Step 3

    Add Website

    Add your website & start interacting with your customers. You can also track your leads, prospects & customers using crikeyes. Depending on various memberships, you can even add unlimited number of websites under a single account and that makes it easy for the website owner to support your customers in the most easiest manner.

  • Configure your Projects

    Once the users are created, administrators can allow user access to other contacts. Administrator can also add projects or tasks through Crikeyes web application and can assign users to those projects, so that the time sheet can be prepared based on project or a particular task inside that project or even users.

  • Step 4

    Configure Chat Widget

    You are provided with all the freedom to design your chat widget in the most easiest manner after you login to Crikeyes dashboard.Once the chat widget is designed, you can generate the script & copy it to your website to enjoy discussing with your customers.

  • Chat with your Team

    Effective communication is always required for the successful execution of a task and Crikeyes provides the best chat application to communicate in the most effective manner. You can chat with your team from Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone or even from an android device. Crikeyes also has chat plugins created for WordPress, Joomla & Magento.

  • Step 5

    Start Building Business

    C R M, Crikeyes provides an easy & simple CRM system to track your leads, prospects and customers. The leads can be added to the system manually by the administrators or the customer support user.

  • Track your Time

    Using Crikeyes desktop application, you can track the employees working hours, projects, tasks, attendance, payroll, client invoicing etc. Crikeyes is designed to introduce a proper process inside the company in the most simple manner.