Jennifer Kapsch CEM

October 23, 2014
06a711e“United Spirit Development travelled a long road before coming across Rony Sebastian and his great team at Softnotions Technologies. Their professionalism, dedication and commitment to our project are absolutely awesome! We are experiencing outstanding efforts in game development and most importantly for us, a shared enthusiasm for soccer and a belief in our vision of an augmented reality mobile game app called “Kick Alley Soccer” ™. Despite continents between our companies, all our communications lead to positive results due to Rony’s insistence in explaining and detailing each step we take together in our project’s development, enabling us to make decisions easily and swiftly.

Rony and his knowledgeable team are experts in taking our visions and ideas and then identifying and analyzing solutions to innovate on software creation and test out ground breaking mobile game app technologies. United Spirit Development is looking forward to an exciting adventure and journey into game land with the team at Softnotions Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Jennifer Kapsch CEM, Founder, Special Occasions Montreal and Co-Creator ‘Kick Alley Soccer’, United Spirit Development, Montreal, Canada
Loai Sahir Abdulla, Creator ‘Kick Alley Soccer’, President, United Spirit Development, Montreal, Canada”

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