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Innovation to Customers (i2C)

In a crowded and competitive world, innovating your product is a key success strategy. Innovation is a conceptual product that becomes a reality. It is a change granted from an invention, an idea from someone who thinks differently from the others. But not all innovations will make it. Or at least, not all innovations will make it to the public.
At Softnotions, we establish a creative way to make a product or a solution. It is a unique tool or a unique process granted from a certain mind, range from simple techniques to complicated solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Social Responsibility, we have reformed groups within the company that serves society by reaching customer needs and demands. We believe in a noble and honest relationship with our partners to enroll in all the activities that we vow to nature and people. We have our esteemed customer support to be a part of the program we conduct every year. Being responsible, we engage in multiple development programs for the uplift of the weaker sections of society. We have a corporate social responsibility cell within the company. The following are the programs carried out by the cell so far.

  • Soft Hands Program
  • Green Harmony Program

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Softnotions is committed to maintaining staff happiness through work-life balance programs. Our goal is simple: we want hardworking people who enjoy what they do at work, which leads to more successful endeavors. We have a wide range of activities to match each employee's unique personalities, interests, and skills. Whether you are a hard worker, considerate, energetic, or just plain neat, there is something for everyone at Softnotions.

So how do we ensure a work-life balance for all employees?

We built a company with a long-term view. Our mission is to have happy and successful staffs who continue to grow and inspire each other through the years. Through our flexible work environment and quarterly community service days, we can maintain our staff's dedication while still allowing them the flexibility to live their lives.

At Softnotions, every employee is their boss! We value each individual’s unique skills set and help them find an outlet within the company that works best for their needs.

Thirsty Thursday

'Thirsty Thursday' is a day where employees are encouraged to engage in fun activities. They can use the time however they wish, whether it be developing new programs, doing research for one of their projects, or simply conducting a game. It's intended to make Softnotions Fun-er!
The reason why we introduced this concept is to capitalize on the ideas that our employees may have when they are having fun. This will help to nurture an environment that supports creativity. It helps us to increase team cohesiveness and collaboration between different departments because you get to know your co-workers better through activities outside of work.

‘Sofit’ Challenge

‘Sofit’ Fitness Challenge - an initiative to engage our team in a healthy lifestyle is now well underway! Many of us have started to exercise or find new ways to incorporate activity into our daily lives. With the support of our Sofit ambassadors, we are all moving closer to staying fit and healthy.

Our team is very excited about more seasons 'Sofit' Fitness Challenge'. As part of this challenge, everyone will be running or walking on a daily basis to achieve a target. The final winner will be the member who has covered the most distance throughout the month.