• Dealing with People in the Organization

    orga In dealing with each other, directors, senior management and employees shall uphold the values which are at the core of our HR Philosophy. We maintain this fellowship through our values like trust, teamwork, mutuality, collaboration, meritocracy, objectivity, self respect and human dignity.
  • A Gender Friendly Workplace

    friend As a good corporate citizen, we are committed to a gender friendly workplace. It seeks to enhance equal opportunities for men and women. Everyone’s goal is to do best possible work. We all know that it comes down to individual ability, which has nothing to do with gender or race or religion, and everything to do with drive, work ethic, and intelligence.
  • Relationships with Customers & Employee

    rela All directors, senior management and employees shall ensure that in their dealings with suppliers and customers, the Company’s interests are never compromised. Softnotions drives with the Customer’s First and Employee’s Together
  • Health and Safety

    health Special attention should be paid to training of employees to increase safety awareness and adoption of safe working methods, particularly designed to prevent serious or fatal accidents.
  • Leading by Example

    lead The organization’s senior management set the professional tone for the Company. Through both their words and their actions, the organization’s leadership conveys what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.