Virtual Dribbler

October 20, 2014
Virtual Dribbler turns football into a digital life-liked game that lets football lovers to simulate the game experience. Virtual Dribbler is one of the best augmented reality games ever published for football fanatics. Let’s play Virtual Dribble to be an expert football dribbler!

Virtual Dribbler turns football Into a real-life game. A game for football lovers to simulate the game experience.
The best augmented reality game ever published for football lovers. Simulate your football experience. Be an expert dribbler in football !!
How to Play :
* Open Virtual Dribbler by clicking on the launcher icon.
* Click on the play button and go to game screen
* Make sure, you got a ‘CLEAN’ background before playing and don’t move your phone once you start dribbling.
* Hit the ball with your foot and start playing. Make sure that the ball is not dropped down !!
* Don’t miss your surprise gifts by hitting them with the ball while playing.
* You can also get more balls by inviting your friends or by purchasing the ball.
* You will be able to use only three balls in a single game.

Enjoy Dribbling !

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