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Softnotions is a niche innovation headquartered in the capital state of Kerala, which is reimagining the possibilities of traditional business solutions. The company's story is interesting, to say the least; It is an emerging company with a sense of innovation, firm goals, bright prospects, growth in all fields, and also four-dimensional customers. We have customers in most parts of the world.

Softnotions was just an idea, but when the tech bubble finally burst, the company's growth was steady and organic. Despite the economic crisis in 2008, it had a strong technology foundation, and it had a niche that would be difficult to replicate or replicate easily. The company was indeed not insulated from the financial brunt of the world around it. The steady and gradual growth paved stronger roots and, yet we are cherishing the yield.
Join us as we embark on this journey and discover what it means to be at the intersection of technology and human development.

1000+ successful projects

Our Core Values

Softnotions go beyond boundaries to create the finest solutions for our clients. We stand in close association with the clients until we have a product that beats the best in the industry. We are armed with creative intelligence, critical thinking, and visionary ideas. Softnotions is unique as it provides ready-to-use technology and services for clients to meet their utmost satisfaction.

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How we works

Identify the project

Let's face it, nothing is more depressing than not being able to figure out what your next project entails, how to work yourself into the flow of things. The problem can be that you're lost in trying to find your own voice when you're just not sure what it is that you want to be doing. So the first step is to identify the right project.

Arrange a meeting

Meet with your team and discuss what you want to be working on. That's step one. From there you can determine if it's worth elaborating on or if that was just a starting point.
Maybe some tasks need specifics; maybe not. It's really about what you want when you want, and how fast it needs to be done. All the pieces could come together for meetings or meetings-meetings (if that makes any sense).

Finalize your requirements

If there's one thing we can all agree on it's that we want to do the best work we possibly can. From there you work together to create a list of requirements and goals you want to achieve. You consider: what is our goal and what exactly will satisfy that goal? If it's an obvious goal, then by all means just start there.

Let’s make it happen

Talk to your team, collaborate, and then let's make it happen. There are no right or wrong solutions, which is the point of this exercise. Good ideas are to be iterated on until you get something that feels like it's working. And this is completely fine because after all, what you're doing here is making sure that when your next project comes along, you'll be ready to work on it with enthusiasm and dedication.


The unique business approach makes the customers return to Softnotions, and it works for them quite well.


Best team ever!

Softnotions substantial assets are our highly skilled professionals with expertise spanning diverse domains. They bring to the company the best of proficiency and perspectives. They are the moving spirit behind Softnotions expanding horizons and, it is they who set and achieve standards of excellence, which are constantly upgrading. Our team of skilled developers with in-depth domain knowledge enables us to bring out the most innovative outputs. Our mutual support, understanding, and respect for each other bring us to produce fruitful collaborations. We share truthfulness, modesty, and even just a good laugh. We strive to maintain a work-life balance all the time at Softnotions.

Smart solutions

At Softnotions we provide smart solutions. We believe in the power of innovation and the potential to make a difference. We start by evaluating your situation and coming up with a plan to help you reach your goals. Our team brings decades of experience to the table and we're ready to share that knowledge with you.
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