At Softnotions, we are a company that values our people and challenges them to achieve their full potential. We believe and strive for a work environment where everyone is happy on their journey towards professional growth. Our culture is driven and fuelled by a belief in the individual. We believe that our people are the reason for success and will go the extra mile to achieve it. We believe in quality and innovation; Softnotions harnesses the latest technology to develop quality software solutions. We provide solutions to real-world problems that provide value & happiness as well as simplify your day-to-day tasks. We pride ourselves on our products, services, and people, and we work hard to ensure that our values are reflected in everything we do.

At Softnotions, we create a unique environment where our people are equipped with the right tools to become outstanding. We offer an opportunity for every employee to learn and grow in their respective field of expertise. Most importantly, we encourage our employees to think independently, ensure that they have a voice, and take ownership of their responsibilities while working at Softnotions. We believe in the mantra of Respect First, Responsibility Second, and Ownership Third. We find that by putting these three principles as a priority, our company provides a work environment that ensures employees have an opportunity for personal growth.

We work hard, and we play hard too. Softnotions is a company that strives to keep our people happy and healthy. We do not discriminate based on gender or ethnicity whether it be in the workplace or social gatherings. We hold the belief that our people are what makes us successful, so we ensure that we provide a balanced approach for all discussions. Softnotions also encourages team-building activities to help our employees bond and be happier colleagues. These activities include annual company dinners, team outings, and team retreats which help promote cultural diversity within the organization and bring our employees closer as a team. At Softnotions, we believe our people are the key to the success of the company.

Take Extreme Ownership

If you mess up. ‘Admit It, Analyse It, Avoid It’! Learn the step caused the trouble; Move on, ensure not to step in on the same again.

Self Starters Prevail

When faced with a challenge, you have no clue how to solve, you take the initiative. Use your resources instead of wasting your time. You live by these three words:’FIGURE IT OUT!’

Be a Do'er rather than a Talk'er

‘Getting started’ is the best way to get to where you want to go. Don’t spend weeks thinking, planning & talking, rather do it because talk’ers seldom reach anywhere. Let the results of your actions guide you.

Always be Growing

Being static hinders your growth; amplify yourself by investing time & money for your development. More you put – in, the more you get – out.

Study, Strategize and Achieve

You don’t make decisions based on emotion, Nor do you pursue projects out of passion alone. You study the playing field, analyse the data and do what the result tells you.